Nina smiled to herself before withdrawing her hand and looking back up at him. She would not lie; one of her favorite things to do was to play Dan. They both got what they wanted out of it after all and he was just too into the game for it not to be enjoyable. She herself had never really been much for the game. It was more about the Cause for her but for some reason him playing her made her want to play him right back.

"I know she does darling. I read peoples bios." She told him with a sly grin. "The big question on my end would be what would she want out of it?”

No that actually wasn’t the big question. The big question was what did he want out of it. But that was a mine field that needed to be navigated around carefully.

Of course, he couldn’t fool her with his fancy peacock dance. He could dance and hop around all he wanted, trying to distract her with his shiny promises and his flourish prose, but she was a people’s person and, furthermore, a child of politics. He lived with a political brat, he knew what they grew up to be—sharp-eyed, shit-connoisseurs, they could smell it on your breath. She knew when she was being played. And, still, Dan couldn’t help but keep playing. Asking Dan not to bullshit was like asking a unicorn to hang up its horn. It was the best thing about him. His shiniest asset. His non-people people skills.

"Nothing but good will for the local community and good deeds to store in her karma bank." He keeps his smile, keeps his poise, and says, "Selina is all about long term relationships. This can be the start of a beautiful friendship." He should’ve been in the fucking mafia. 

Dan: “That’s how I was raised.”

M!A: You assume that everything everyone says to you, for the next 48 hours, is a lie intended to get you fired.


"That’s…clearly…why would you say that?"

[text] So I was putting on a condom and looked to my right to not make eye contact, she said did you just look at the American flag while putting that on. I said this one’s for Team USA.


{Text} There are so many things that I want to say right now…

{Text} One:  Its so nice to know that you’re wearing a condom so you’re not procreating.  

{Text} Two: Can’t make eye contact huh?  

{Text} Three:  Next time you should shout “Captain America!” As you finish

[ Text: ] Comments:

[ Text: ] 1. duh. 

[ Text: ] 2. I can quit not making eye contact anytime i want to.

[ Text: ] 3. I haven’t seen a movie in the last eight years I have no idea what you’re talking about. 



Nina fought the urge to roll her eyes at the man. She knows what he wants. Its what everyone in DC wants. Money, power, glory.

"You might want to brush up on what we do first love. The children wont be a problem but I dont actually run a soup kitchen." She doubted that the man really knew what the inside of a soup kitchen looked like. "Literacy for children with non american parents to put it simply. But I do know a few soup kitchens since you’re obviously so desperately in need of a date." She smirked and reached out to smooth out an imaginary rumble in his colar.

Of course, all of Dan’s political charm went to shit the moment she started poking holes in him. Yeah. He needed to work on his background checks. Practically the first rule of schmoozing. Know what the fuck you’re talking about. A small set-back, though. He’d correct it soon enough.

She corrected his collar, he fought the urge to tell her all of his suits were ironed by hand an hour before throwing them on, but he said, instead, “Even better. Veep’s got some big plans for education…children…she’s got one of her own, you know? That kind of thing is definitely very…near and dear to her heart. Tell you what, Selina’s got a big speech coming up, I think I can pull some strings, get you front and center.”

Not that Dan really gave a shit about literacy. No, he cared much more about Daddy Alexandrov. 



She bit her lip against a grin as he checked his image in the camera, finally chuckling once he realized what she was talking about. “Really? You’re asking me for make up and expect me not to take that as bait?” She asked him before shaking her head. “What makes you think I have make up?”

Dan glanced up at her, grunted an Oh at that, and continued with, “Right. You’re one of those…neo-hippies that doesn’t believe in makeup and rubs her face with mud every morning to keep it youthful, right?” A concept Dan could not wrap his head around. Where he came from, appearances were everything, and if you didn’t put any effort into your appearance you ended up a…

Well. You ended up a Mike Mcclintock, that’s what. And there was nothing pretty about that.

Keera life advice to Dan: If the red necks say "Ya'll this isn't a good idea... probably" its a really really really bad idea.

Dan’s life advice to Keera: Do what I say, never, ever do what I do. 

why don’t you guys send me your characters name and i’ll put it in this generator and write a starter based on what comes out



Nina stepped around him and started to walk down the hall, heels clicking on the polished floor. Hugging some of the files she was carrying to her chest, she smiled to herself, counting in her head.

1…2…3…. ah there he was.  

"Is that right?"  She asked with a smile over her shoulder at him, nodding for him to walk beside her.  So maybe Dan wasn’t the one that she wanted to be politically in bed with…but the Veep?  Well everyone could get a few senators but not everyone could get the vice president.  "Might want to start by not calling them ‘little people’."  She snickered.  "I’m interested.  Just how much love is she looking for?"

This is Dan’s forte. Making a little spot for himself in everyone’s contacts. He wants to be the go-to guy for…well. Everyone. Wants all of DC in his phone. Wants, wants, wants. ”We could start with a quick appearance, get her to flirt with some homeless people—maybe find some homeless children, no, like, smelly bag-ladies—see where the love connection goes.”



Nina didn’t bother to hold back the laugh that came out of her at his words. “Oh love.” She reached out and patted his cheek mockingly. “I dont need to try.” She cooed. No, she had been raised in this sort of thing. God forbid the ambious man ever saw her speed dial. He’d start foaming at the mouth and most likely chock on it. “But lucky for you I’m in a good mood this morning so I wont tell anyone your shameful suburban secret. Now are you going to let me in? Or just keep trying to get in my way?”

"After you," Dan says, stepping seamlessly out of her way to let her past. She’s got that look in her eyes—that I know something you don’t look. He doesn’t like someone having a leg up on him. He wants to be up. He wants to play with the big boys. And the big girls. “Listen,” he says, trailing on a short leash behind her, “I was thinking, Selina’s looking to garner some love among the little folk—we might be able to throw some weight behind your non-profit if you’re interested.”