"You promised me something pretty."


"…And here I am."



Silence fills the space.  ”….Shut up.  I can feel you thinking.”

"You can feel me thinking? I think they’ve got a word for that. Schizophrenia. How many other voices live in your head?”



"Take a picture. It’ll last longer."

"So are you just used to telling people what to do or…?"

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do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking


Six Characters that Aren't Mine: Dan Egan {X}

Dan Please dont. Dan, please dont. DAN DONT! You’ll find yourself saying that alot with Dan while you play with Dan and his amazing mun. I will not lie…I started watching Veep because this mun told me to and it was well worth it. Dan is amazing, ass holish and so much fun to play with. Just make sure you dont do it in a public place. People have a tendency to think you’re coo coo for coco puffs if you’re laughing this hard at your computer.


Dan is watching her. Dan is watching her. Dan is watching her. Ruby isn’t entirely certain she likes this. It feels intrusive and scary, like he’s going to strike at any moment. Typically, when Lucius looks at her like this, he’s either about to lash out, or fuck her. There are really no in-betweens her with scarred like boy. Maybe why she feels so upset now. Paranoid. She should take a pill, really, but she doesn’t. The drink is hers now. So she enjoys it, taking another sip until she feels a burn in her throat. She feels a little better.

She can tell that she’s lost him with talks of politics. Honestly, she knows it’s a rather simpleminded explanation of it, but she was making a point, and at least she seems to get his attention with it. She can tell he’s a little flattered, maybe just the way he chooses to take a sip just then (Ruby is good at reading people — she has to be with Lucius… figure out his moods and how to avoid them). She doesn’t, however, like his next question.

She doesn’t like the way it’s phrased (it’s too close to home). She thinks about avoiding it entirely, but knows she can’t. It’s not that simple. She doesn’t want to throw him under the bus in any way, but her eyes are averted instantly. Her shoulders tense.

Even though she tries to make it seem like it’s nothing, he’s clearly hit a very, very sore spot.

"Yeah," she finally says. She’s no longer hungry, or thirsty. In fact, she feels sick, and though her mouth has gone dry, her throat feels closed up, like she wouldn’t be able to get liquid through there anyway. "I basically do whatever he says." Ruby can hear her voice, and it’s cracked and dry, and she tries to swallow, but can’t. She takes a sip from the gin and tonic, not because she wants to get drunk, but because she needs something to roll around on her tongue a little bit.


Just like Ruby is good at reading people for survival, Dan, too, is a survivalist. He’s clawed his way to the top for a variety of reasons that he likes to credit to: 1) his good looks or 2) his connections or 3) his ability to immediately find people’s strengths and weaknesses and play to both. For example, Selina is easy enough to manipulate if you play to her vanity. On the flip side, she’s weak for that slimy ex-husband of hers and she’s incredibly forgetful (at least, unless you do something bad and then it’s like the end of the world).

His general assessment of Ruby is that she is bold in small doses but then seems to remember herself and tucks back in like origami. One second, she’s trying to be sneaky about stealing his drink (child-like), the next, when she talks about her boyfriend she looks like she wants to curl under the rug. Add that to the fact that he’s a war veteran and the obvious attempts at concealing an old bruise and Dan puts two-and-two together.

But Dan isn’t an empath. Empathy isn’t his forte. He barely understands the concept and considers it a crutch for people who are too weak to go all the way. So instead of saying something like Hey, do you need help? or Do you want to talk about it? he does for Dan-common-sense.

"Must suck," he says, casually. "Having him gone. I mean, you have someone to tell you what to do all the time, what do you do when he doesn’t control your life? If I don’t have at least two blackberries on me at all times I feel like I’m up shit creek without a paddle.”

He’s not judging her boyfriend. Oh, no. It’s a fucking invitation. Dan could use more little puppets in the White House. If it means getting around Jonah? Can you say amen?


Ruby is surprised he actually paid attention. He’s good at multitasking. He can focus on his phone like it’s the most interesting thing in the world, upgrade his drink, and get information that could be helpful for him. She is impressed. Slightly concerned for America, but impressed. Men like Dan are deadly. Deadlier than Lucius. At least with Lucius, it’s obvious when he’s going to strike.

"POTUS hasn’t said anything, but it’s an assumption, you know? It wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t endorse Selina, seeing as he’s the one who put her on the ballot.” She suddenly wants his drink more than hers. Gin and Tonic sounds so much better than Shitty Chardonnay. When he has his head down, she slides her glass closer to his plate. She waits between bites before she picks up his glass. Casual. Like it was meant to be in her hands instead.

Liquor is a terrible idea right now.

She takes as long of a sip as she can, before she says, “Oh, sorry, this was yours.” Puts it back. Makes it a little less obvious. Maybe? Whatever. “For the record, I’m sorry I’m not helping you out with your story. Or whatever it is. And if it was just about my brother, I’d do it. But my boyfriend doesn’t really… he doesn’t…” He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, or risk drawing attention to her. Crazy little Ruby Allastair, who might go psycho at any moment, who wears bruises and doesn’t mention them.

"Personally, I think politics have too much twisted in them. I mean, they started in America to give people a choice, but now it’s just all about manipulation. We’re rewarding people for killing other people overseas, then here, we’re putting people in jail and saying it’s wrong. And then, we execute them. It’s cool if the government kills people, but not just anyone can be the government. The government shuts down anarchy, but it’s comprised of the biggest anarchists ever.”

She stops. Takes a bite of a burger, and a breath. “What I’m saying is… you’re clearly cut out for this world. The political thing, I mean. You’re a shark. An anarchist. A murderer. And you do it well. And you do it so well that I almost feel bad for not giving you the story. But I can’t handle the idea of Lucius’s wrath if he finds out I’ve been talking to someone about it. He’s got enough of a short fuse, honestly, and I love that he wears his emotions on his sleeve, but I’m sure as hell not going to give him another reason to be pissed off with me.”


She starts going on about POTUS and she’s still not giving him anything. Dan’s lips press together into a thin line. He glances down under the table at his phone and writes off an email, giving her a noncommittal, “Mmhm.” When she finishes, Dan glances up, tucks his phone between his thighs, and comes out with, the angry passion in his voice leaking out, “Oh, yeah, c’mon, but it wouldn’t be the first time POTUS stabbed her in the back. I mean, fuck Brutus, you might as well change the saying to E tu, POTUS?"

By time he looks up, she’s drinking out of a glass that is definitely not hers. She hands it over as thought she “mistakenly” took his and he can’t help that grin that crosses his mouth. Honestly, it’s actually kind of cute. The way she’s trying to lie about taking a sip of his drink. He’s used to dating the type of woman who will slip her heel between his legs as she takes a challenging sip from his drink and lick the rim when she’s finished. Ruby, however, dances around it like a little five-year-old caught in the act. Cute.

"It’s yours now," he says. "I don’t want your crazy cooties." He lifts two fingers at the bartender, makes a swirling motion towards the table. One more for him.

She starts going on about politics and Dan gets bored waiting for his drink. He doesn’t need to listen to political philosophy—that kind of bigger picture means jack shit to him. Morals and ethics…blah blah blah. Dan’s worried about who is getting fired when and making sure that it’s not him.

Still, she’s caught his attention and he, at least, keeps his eyes on her, which is a compliment in his book. She starts analyzing him. Calling him a shark, anarchist, and murderer. It’s like she’s trying to talk dirty to him. Kiss his ass a little more. He likes the direction this conversation is taking. She’s got his attention, so his eyes stay on her now, even as he takes another swallow from his (fresh) drink. “You do everything your boyfriend tells you?” he says. “Not that I’m judging. If I was dating someone who could kill me with their bare hands, I probably would too.”

"Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first."

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